GooN Excellent Dry Diaper (Tape) Review

Last night my girl put on the new diapers “Goo.N” which I received from here yesterday.

When I opened, the diaper looks very thin.

I worried that it cannot hold lots of urine and will leak as my daughter is a super heavy wetter.

When I woke up at the middle of night, I always checked the bed sheet was wet or not.

To my relief, it was dry!


In the morning I took some photos before I took off her diaper.

DSC_1443   DSC_1442

Panda Bears^^

The diaper held lots of urine and got an blue line indication that it’s wet.

To my surprise, her skin was not wet…quite dry!

The smell was not so obvious, either (unlike some diapers which are too smelly after use).


My daughter’s weight is now about 12.5 kg (with 95 cm height — not so chubby).

Lazada sent me Large size (suitable for 9-14 kg) and it was perfectly fit!


I’m happy with this Goo.N diaper. Thanks Lazada!

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